City Council members from left, Frank Edwardi, William Kehner, Mary Tighe, Jack Gibson and J.B. Feeley.


During the April 10 City Council meeting, the following three ordinances were passed:

  • Ordinance 1618, which amended various existing ordinances, including changes that allow the City to conform with State statutes regarding transportation network companies, adjustments to the tennis fee schedule, allowing the City to charge modest fees for Pickle Ball at Dealy Field, and defining the proper terminology for the title held by the Chief of Police.
  • Ordinance 1619, which amended Bond Ordinance 1478 (2010) and allowed the City to utilize existing funds for the purchase of two (2) all terrain vehicles for the Sea Isle City Police Department in the amount of $35,000, which will be used on the beaches during the summer season.
  • Ordinance 1620, which amended Bond Ordinance 1566 (2014) and allowed the City to utilize existing funds for the purchase of a utility truck for the Department of Public Works in the amount of $90,000, which will replace an existing truck that has reached the end of its useful life.

Prior to voting on the Resolutions on the April 10 Consent Agenda, Resolution 066 was pulled from the Consent Agenda and voted on separately at the request of Councilman Gibson. Resolution 066 was written to recognize the 2017-2018 Villanova University Men’s Basketball Team’s victory during the 2018 NCAA Championship finals. Councilman Gibson, who is a proud alumnus of Villanova University, noted that many other Sea Isle City residents and property owners are also “Wild Cat” alumni.

Following the approval of Resolution 066, each of the remaining Resolutions on the April 10 Consent Agenda were also approved, including:

  • Resolution 061, which established a Green Team Advisory Committee of ten (10) residents and municipal employees to advise the City on ways to improve municipal operations with “green” initiatives that are economically and environmentally sound through research and evaluation.
  • Resolution 067, which authorized the award of a contract for environmental consulting services to Lomax Consulting in the amount of $11,650 for shade tree replacement planting along JFK Boulevard and portions of Landis Avenue.
  • Resolution 069, which authorized the award of a contract for roadway reconstruction to South State, Inc. in the amount of $724,322. The streets that will be included in that project are Roberts Avenue (55th to 56th), 66th Street (Landis to Central), 68th Street (Landis to Central), 71st Street (Landis to Central), 73rd Street (Landis to Central), 76th Street (Landis to Central), 78th Street (Landis to Roberts), 79th Street (Central to Roberts) and 81st Street (Central to Roberts).

Following a public discussion during the “Pending Business” portion of the April 10 meeting, Council asked the City Solicitor to draft a rescinding ordinance regarding portions of 40th, 51st and 52nd Street, which, if adopted, will keep these as two-way streets.

Our next City Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 24, at 10:00 a.m. in Council Chambers – we hope to see you there!

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