The American and Ukrainian flags fly together at the Cape May County Administration Building. (Photo courtesy of Cape May County)

Cape May County is showing support for Ukraine, flying the country’s flag below the American flag in front of the Cape May County Administration Building.

The Russian invasion into Ukraine, which began on Feb. 24, has led to 1.2 million people fleeing the country and at least hundreds of Ukrainian civilians being killed, with both of those numbers expected to increase in the coming days.

Cape May County Commissioner Director Gerald M. Thornton issued the directive to fly the Ukrainian flag, feeling it was crucial to show solidarity with Ukraine during this difficult time.

Thornton also echoed his personal support for economic sanctions that have been levied against Russia. Cape May County government has ensured that it isn’t purchasing from Russian companies because of this conflict.

The Cape May County Board of County Commissioners will be considering a resolution of support for Ukraine during its next regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday.

“It is so very important for the world to be behind the Ukrainian people,” Thornton said in a news release. “We ask every town and county throughout the United States to follow our example and show support by flying their flag.”

The region has close ties to Ukraine. New Jersey is the fourth-largest home to Ukrainians in the United States, behind New York, Pennsylvania, and California.

“We keep Ukraine in our prayers and hope peace comes quickly so no one else needlessly dies during this unnecessary conflict,” Thornton said.