An SUV rides over one of the asphalt patches along a bumpty stretch of Central Avenue.


Central Avenue is as smooth as any other road in Sea Isle City.

Except for when you hit a bumpy stretch of Central between 53rd and 57th streets. There, motorists encounter a series of temporary asphalt patches that look like big, black Band-Aids covering a gaping wound of some type.

The rough road has attracted the attention of Councilman Frank Edwardi, who complained about it during City Council’s last meeting on May 12.

“Come summer, we’re going to have issues,” Edwardi said, while expressing hope the road will be fixed as soon as possible.

City spokeswoman Katherine Custer said Tuesday it is not yet clear when the road will be repaved. She noted that work continues on that part of Central Avenue and some adjacent side streets for sewer and gas improvements.

A long view of Central Avenue shows where the road has been excavated for utility work.

In September, City Council awarded a nearly $778,000 contract to Perna Finnigan Inc., of Vineland, for sewer work on 56th, 57th and 58th streets from Central Avenue to Sounds Avenue.

According to the city’s website, work has been completed on 57th and 58th streets between Central and Sounds. Construction is underway on 56th Street.

The contractor has had to excavate parts of Central Avenue to complete the sewer upgrades. For now, a series of temporary asphalt patches continue to cover the road until Central and the side streets can be repaved.

Like other shore communities, Sea Isle usually has its construction contractors perform utility and road projects during the quiet off-season months to avoid travel disruptions during the peak summer tourism season.

With summer approaching, Edwardi indicated during the Council meeting that he is anxious for the rough sections of Central Avenue to be repaved.

“It’s uneven and will have to be redone,” he said.

A piece of heavy construction machinery is parked on the side of Central Avenue.