The best mushroom gummies are becoming a favored choice for many seeking therapeutic benefits. With a consistent dosage, these mushroom gummies pack many health benefits and offer a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of functional mushrooms.

However, with many brands available in the market, you might need guidance on choosing the right brand for a pure and effective product. If you don’t know where to start with mushroom gummies, this guide can help you through the process.

We reviewed the top 5 brands of 2024 to find the best mushroom gummies. Our top recommendations are Riti and Cheef Botanicals. These two brands excel in offering quality, convenience, and affordability. Read on to find out which mushroom gummy is the best fit for you!

Best Mushroom Gummies Reviewed


  • Riti: Best Mushroom Gummies Overall
  • Cheef Botanicals: Blend Of Potent Mushroom Extracts
  • CBDfx: 100% Organic Functional Mushroom Gummies
  • Elm&Rye: Best For Enhanced Mental Clarity & Focus
  • SUKU Vitamins: Ideal For Mental Wellness Support


We selected the above top-notch options after analyzing thousands of user feedback and talking to certified nutrition experts. Whether you want to boost your immunity or support energy levels, these mushroom gummies would be perfect for you to consider.

With a strong blend of potent and scientifically-backed mushrooms like Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Chaga, these mushroom gummies can be great additions to your wellness regime.

#1. Riti: Best Mushroom Gummies Overall

Riti is the top-selling mushroom brand of 2024, and obviously, our #1 brand for premium-quality mushroom gummies. It offers the best overall functional mushroom gummies, providing a balanced and potent effect, making them a top choice for those looking for comprehensive health benefits.


  • High-quality mushroom gummies
  • 60 gummies per pack
  • Vegan-friendly formula
  • Free shipping on orders over $99


  • Gummies go out of stock quickly

Product Description

Riti’s Super Mushroom Gummies are a natural nootropic that can help enhance focus, memory, and clarity. These gummies taste just like raspberries, offering consumers a delightful experience while improving their mood.

It is made with a combination of 100% organic, 10 powerful mushrooms that boost the immune system, improve energy levels, and support digestive health without tasting chalky like other mushroom supplements.

Additionally, Riti offers these astonishingly powerful mushrooms in bundles. For more discounts, buy a pack of 3 Lion’s Mane mushroom gummies for only $127.37; an individual pack costs $49.95.

Types of Mushroom

The formula contains Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, Reishi Mushrooms, Chaga Mushrooms, Maitake Mushrooms, Shiitake Mushrooms, cordyceps Mushrooms, Turkey Tail Mushrooms, White Button Mushrooms, Black Fungus Mushrooms, and Royal Sun Mushrooms.


Not only are the mushroom gummies delicious, but each serving also contains a whopping 250mg of potent mushroom extract, equivalent to 2500mg of the mushroom itself. These gummies use an ultra-high-quality 10:1 ratio mushroom extract and start working within 30 minutes of consuming it.

Customer Reviews


Sophia: These gummies have been a game-changer for keeping my blood sugar in check. I love that they offer health benefits without sacrificing taste. The natural raspberry flavor is delightful and makes taking them enjoyable every day.” 


Mia K: Since I started taking these gummies, my skin has never looked better! They provide a fantastic blend of beauty and health benefits all in one. My complexion is clearer, and my skin feels more radiant and hydrated.”


  • 1-Pack: $49.95
  • 2-Pack: $89.91
  • 3-Pack: $127.37

=> Click here to visit the official website “Riti”

#2. Cheef Botanicals: Blend Of Potent Mushroom Extracts

Cheef Botanicals is our first runner-up brand and for all the right reasons. Cheef’s mushroom gummies are particularly beneficial for individuals with weak immune systems. Their blend of different mushroom extracts is designed to support immune health and offer other wellness benefits.


  • No psychoactive influence
  • Long-term disease protection
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Third-party lab-tested


  • Available in only one flavor

Product Description

Cheef Botanicals Immunity Mushroom Gummy Cubes are made with three potent mushroom extracts known for boosting the immune system. These mushroom gummies are loaded with beneficial compounds to unlock mental and physical perks.

These mushroom gummies are specially designed to support the immune system. They contain a blend of known and scientifically backed mushroom varieties for their effectiveness and health benefits.

Each gummy contains 300 mg of mushroom extract, which starts working in just 45 minutes and lasts up to 8 hours in the body. It comes in a pack of 60 mushroom gummies, also available to buy in bulk to make it more accessible and affordable.

Type of Mushroom

With a proprietary blend of Chaga, Reishi, and Turkey Tail functional mushrooms, Cheef’s Immunity Gummy Cubes support your immune system to help you live your best life. Chaga mushrooms help soothe swelling, Reishi mushrooms work wonders for stress and fatigue, and Turkey Tail mushrooms support healthy bodily functions.


A pack of one Immunity Mushroom gummy contains 9000mg of mushroom extract, which typically starts working in less than an hour, depending on several factors, such as dosages, Individual body weight, tolerance level, etc. With consistent consumption, you can expect transformative results.

Customer Reviews


Emily R.: “Cheef Botanicals’ gummies are a game-changer! Knowing they are 100% organic gives me peace of mind. The taste is great, and the effects are exactly as described.”


John M.: “I love that these gummies are organic. The quality is excellent, and they provide a gentle, uplifting experience. Slightly pricey, but worth it for the purity.”


  • 1-Pack: $14.95
  • 2-Pack: $29.90
  • 3-pack: $44.85

=> Click here to visit the official website “Cheef Botanicals”

#3. CBDfx: 100% Organic Functional Mushroom Gummies

CBDfx shines in the market for delivering 100% organic functional mushroom gummies, ensuring a pure and natural experience. CBDfx manufactures its mushroom gummies with organic ingredients, making them a reliable option for health-conscious users seeking a clean supplement to boost their health.


  • COA is available on the website
  • Solvent-free mushroom gummies
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Free Shipping on orders $99+


  • Users may face late deliveries

Product Description

CBDfx mushroom gummies are made with a combination of 7 potent mushroom extracts for Wellness. They blend the calming effects of CBD with the natural benefits of mushrooms to promote relaxation and better sleep.

With each serving pack of 50mg mushroom extract, these gummies offer a daily wellness boost. Available in a tasty black cherry flavor, they’re an easy and delicious addition to your routine for a healthier start to the day.

Additionally, these mushroom gummies are 100% organic and vegan-friendly. CBDfx’s one jar of mushroom gummies offers 60 gummies, which deliver a 7.1mg serving of each mushroom.

Type of Mushroom

CBDfx uses CBD, known for its relaxing properties, and Chaga mushrooms, which have been used for centuries for their adaptogenic and nootropic properties. Cordyceps are renowned for providing energy and are rich in vitamins B1, B2, B12, and K. Lion’s mane offers adaptogenic and nootropic benefits alongside essential nutrients. Reishi and Maitake mushrooms are also prized for their adaptogenic qualities and nutrient-rich composition.


With a combination of CBD and such a potent mushroom extract, CBDfx’s mushroom gummies start working within 30-60 minutes of consumption. Long-term use can help you recalibrate your sleep cycle and provide both mental and physical relaxation. Remember, the effects may differ from person to person as everyone’s body reacts differently to these mushroom gummies.

Customer Reviews


Lily A.: “CBDfx gummies are amazing for stress relief! They help me unwind after a long day and have significantly reduced my anxiety. A must-have in my daily routine.”


David P.: “These gummies work wonders for my anxiety and mild depression. I feel more relaxed and focused throughout the day. The taste is decent, too.”

Price :

  • 1-pack: $54.99
  • 2-pack: $104.49

=> Click here to visit the official website “CBDfx”

#4. Elm&Rye: Best For Enhanced Mental Clarity & Focus

Elm&Rye’s mushroom gummies made it to our list because they enhance mental clarity and focus in a power-packed gummy. Not only is the packaging great, but users also report improved cognitive function and concentration, making these gummies ideal for those seeking a mental boost and focus.


  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Better cognitive health
  • Subscribe and save 25%
  • Often available on sale


  • Quite expensive compared to other brands

Product Description

Elm&Rye’s mushroom gummies are a strong blend of potent adaptogenic mushrooms with enough scientific evidence for a cognitive boost. These mushrooms offer improved mental clarity, release stress and anxiety, and help with focusing.

These mushroom gummies are made with 100% natural ingredients, such as Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Sodium Citrate, and Vegetable Oil (with Carnauba Wax), which makes them a preferable option for users who can’t compromise on quality.

Furthermore, Elm&Rye’s pack of mushroom gummies contains 114 servings with 227 grams of mushroom extract.

Type of Mushroom

Elm&Rye’s mushroom gummies are made with the perfect combination of Maitake, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, cordyceps, and chaga mushroom extracts, which are known for their unique properties. These mushrooms combine their goodness for cognitive health and different mental functions to deliver better clarity and focus. There are no artificial ingredients used in their mushroom gummies formula.


Elm&Rye’s mushroom gummies, in each serving, may contain approximately 500-1000mg of mushroom extract, which enhances mental clarity and focus. They start taking effect within 30-45 minutes, sharpening cognitive function and improving productivity in the long run.

Customer Reviews


Rachel T.: “Elm&Rye’s gummies have become my go-to for boosting focus and clarity. I feel sharper and more productive at work. Highly recommend these for anyone needing a mental boost!”


Brian K.: “These gummies help with mental clarity. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my concentration and productivity. They taste good too, which is a bonus.”


  • 1-Pack: $44.99
  • 2-Pack: $84.99
  • 4-Pack: $149.99

=> Click here to visit the official website “Elm&Rye”

#5. SUKU Vitamins: Ideal For Mental Wellness Support

SUKU Vitamins is our pick for high-quality mushroom gummies, perfect for those who need mental wellness support. It offers mushroom gummies designed to relieve stress and anxiety while combating depression. Their formulation is praised for its calming effects, helping users achieve a more relaxed and balanced state of mind.


  • Sugar-free mushroom gummies
  • Keto-friendly formulation
  • Easy returns within 30 days
  • Same-day shipping on early orders


  • No lab test results are available on the website

Product Description

SUKU Vitamins Super Mushroom Gummies are made with a well-known potent blend of mushroom extracts to gradually relieve stress and anxiety while promoting relaxation.

Additional ingredients include Tapioca Syrup, Purified Water, Agar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Stevia Leaf Extract, Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax, and Coffee Flavour.

It’s one pack of super mushroom gummies contain 50 gummies, which offer 1000mg of mushroom extract. It’s available in only one pack size. You can add extra packs of gummies to your cart for more quantity.

Type of Mushroom

SUKU Vitamins Super Mushroom Gummies are mainly crafted with four types of very well-known mushroom extracts. The gummies contain Reishi—2.5 (20:1, 50mg), Chaga—7.5mg (20:1, 150mg), Turkey Tail—7.5mg (20:1, 150mg), and Lion’s Mane—7.5mg (20:1, 150mg).


Due to the high levels of mushroom extract in the gummies, it offers the user a focused mind, relieves stress, and fights anxiety and depression. It typically starts working within 45-60 minutes, depending on the dosages and the user’s tolerance level.

Customer Reviews


Jessica H.: “SUKU Vitamins’ gummies have strengthened my immune system noticeably. I feel healthier and more energetic since I started taking them. Delicious and effective!”


Mark D.: “After using SUKU Vitamins, I haven’t had a cold in months! These gummies are a great addition to my daily routine. They taste great and work.


  • 1-Pack:  $23.49

=> Click here to visit the official website “SUKU Vitamins”

What Are Mushroom Gummies?

Mushroom gummies are edible gummies made using potent mushroom extract. They are a simple and delightful way to enjoy the goodness of various mushrooms, which contain beneficial health properties.

Used as a dietary supplement, these gummies are developed with mushroom varieties such as Reishi, Chaga, Lion’s Mane and many more! From alleviating pain to improving gut health, mushroom gummies are capable of bringing several health benefits with consistent dosage, making it a robust dietary supplement.

Unlike other health supplements that need you to sit back with a glass of water, mushroom gummies do not require anything else. Just open a pack of gummies and munch on these delicious treats to get instant results!

Types Of Mushroom Gummies

A diverse variety of mushroom gummies is made using an equally diverse variety of mushrooms, each carrying a unique health benefit. Let’s decode these mushroom variants that fuel each gummy with powerful health-improving qualities.


This mushroom variety is rich in antioxidants. It’s high in polysaccharides and betulinic acid, which can help boost your immune system and reduce inflammation. When used consistently, chaga contributes to general bodily well-being and protects your body from oxidative stress, making it an excellent dietary supplement to add to your daily health practice.


With the goodness of essential vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, vitamin D, and selenium, Shiitake mushroom promises a treasure of health benefits. Some of the key health benefits that you can receive from persistent usage include increased immunity, heart health support, anti-aging benefits, and active blood circulation.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane mushrooms are well-known for their brain-boosting effects. This mushroom contains neuroprotective chemicals that promote the generation of nerve growth factor (NGF), which plays an essential role in improving cognitive function.


Reishi mushrooms are a powerhouse of triterpenoids and polysaccharides, offering a multitude of benefits for regular users. They’re known to significantly lower stress levels, enhance sleep quality, and boost overall well-being. Not only do Reishi mushroom have calming effects, but they also support a healthy immune system, reduce inflammation, and fight fatigue.

Black Fungus

Black fungus mushrooms are incredibly nutritious and beneficial due to their high fiber content, which promotes gut health and nutrition absorption. As a mushroom type that prioritizes heart health, Black Fungus helps users achieve balanced cholesterol levels and better blood circulation.


The Cordyceps mushroom type enhances stamina, boosts exercise performance, and supports respiratory health. It contains adenosine and cordycepin, which aid in ATP production and enhance oxygen utilization in the body. If you lead an active lifestyle, adding Cordyceps mushrooms into your diet is highly recommended.

Benefits Of Mushroom Gummies

Rich in robust bioactive compounds, mushroom gummies work as an effective source of health benefits. Let’s look at some of the most common health benefits to understand these benefits better.


  • Immune Support: Mushroom gummies (especially the ones with Reishi and Chaga mushrooms) strengthen your body’s natural defenses and protect you against infections.


    • Cognitive Enhancement: Lion’s Mane mushroom gummies can help sharpen memory, focus, and overall brain health.


  • Stress Reduction: Reishi gummies help improve the body’s natural stress response and promote relaxation.


    • Cardiovascular Health: Shiitake gummies can improve your heart health by reducing cholesterol levels, improving blood circulation, and supporting overall cardiovascular function.


  • Energy Boost: Cordyceps gummies are perfect for athletes and anyone leading an active lifestyle, as they can help improve stamina and energy levels.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Many mushroom gummies contain antioxidants that help tackle oxidative stress and support your overall health.
  • Digestive Health: Some mushroom gummies, like those made from Black Fungus, can improve your digestive health and nutrient absorption.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Several mushroom variants are packed with anti-inflammatory qualities, which help reduce inflammation and improve general health.
  • Skin Health: Chaga gummies can enhance skin health by shielding it against oxidative stress and promoting a healthy complexion.


Potential Side Effects Of Mushroom Gummies

Mushroom gummies are usually considered safe for consumption. However, you might experience some minimal side effects during the initial days of using products with mushroom extracts. These minor side effects include digestive issues such as bloating, gas, or diarrhea, which only occur if you consume gummies in large quantities. Allergic reactions are also possible, especially if you have mushroom allergies.

Additionally, certain mushrooms may interact with medications. Therefore, it is essential to acknowledge your allergies and learn all about safe mushroom consumption to avoid any potential issues.

Tips For Choosing The Best Mushroom Gummies

As the market is full of different mushroom gummies, it can be very tough for new users to pick the right brand. Not anymore, though!

Allow us to take you through some essential factors you must assess before buying mushroom gummies.


Select gummies developed with natural and organically sourced ingredients. Try skipping products that have artificial additives, preservatives, or fillers. The best mushroom gummies will list the specific types of mushrooms used and their concentrations clearly on their label. Hence, make sure to read the label. Search for products that use whole mushroom extract rather than mycelium, as whole mushrooms contain a broader range of potent compounds that can improve health.

Extraction Method

High-quality mushroom extract gummies harness superior extraction methods to preserve the ‘good’ elements of mushrooms. Therefore, select products that use reliable extraction methods. Hot water and alcohol extraction are two mushroom extraction methods known to deliver potent extracts with high efficacy. These methods help obtain full-spectrum mushroom extracts comprising bioactive compounds such as polysaccharides, triterpenoids, and beta-glucans.


You don’t need to tolerate the earthy taste of mushrooms to enjoy their benefits. You can now find flavors that suit your palate with a wide range of mushroom gummy options available. Opt for flavors you like, and seek out products that use natural flavorings to enhance taste while maintaining health benefits. Popular choices include berry, citrus, and tropical fruit flavors.

Additionally, prioritize brands that sweeten their gummies with honey and stevia rather than artificial sweeteners.


In order to assess the potency of your choice of mushroom gummies, make sure to check the mushroom extract concentration present in each gummy. Look for products that provide high-concentration extracts with guaranteed levels of active compounds for heightened effects. Reading mushroom gummy reviews can help you evaluate the effectiveness of each brand based on authentic user experience.

Brand Reputation

When making a selection, go for well-known and reliable brands of mushroom gummies. A better brand will promise a track record of quality and excellent customer reviews. Loom into the brand’s history, sourcing procedures, and any third-party certifications they may have, such as USDA Organic or Non-GMO Project Verified. Reputable brands are extremely transparent about their sourcing and manufacturing procedures, making them reliable.


Careful selection of a product demands users to assess the value of a product with relevance to its pricing. Therefore, check the market rate for mushroom gummies and compare it with other brands available. While a lower price may seem compelling at first, it is also important not to compromise on quality and buy cheap. The quality-to-pricing ratio should have a healthy balance. This will make sure you’re getting a good product worth your money.

Customer Reviews

Word of mouth always stands superior to any other assessment method. So, visit your choice of mushroom gummy website and scroll down to read customer reviews. Pay attention to reviews that discuss the taste, texture, and overall experience of taking the gummies. This will help you decode the discrepancies between the product’s claims and actual results, helping you make an ideal choice!

FAQs About Mushroom Gummies

Q1. What are mushroom gummies?

Mushroom gummies are all-natural dietary supplements developed using mushroom extracts. They are an easy way to enjoy the health benefits of mushrooms without enduring their umami, earthy taste. These chewable supplements can also be considered a more palatable alternative to traditional mushroom supplements.

Q2. Which mushroom supplement brand is best?

Riti is one of the leading mushroom gummy brands offering all-natural products in different delicious flavors. Other than Riti, users can also try Cheef Botanicals and CBDfx for their reliable, full-spectrum mushroom gummies.

Q3. What are the benefits of Lion’s Mane mushroom gummies?

Lion’s Mane mushroom gummies contain robust cognitive benefits. This variety of mushrooms comprises neuroprotective properties, which makes it a popular choice among people looking to enhance their cognitive abilities. Many users even claim that this mushroom gummy helps improve focus, attention, clarity, and overall brain health.

Q4. Are mushroom gummies legal?

The legal status of mushroom gummies differs state by state. It also depends upon the type of mushroom used to create the gummies. Always check local regulations before purchasing mushroom gummies to ensure compliance with local laws.

Q5. Is it safe to take mushroom supplements every day?

Mushroom supplements are generally safe to take daily only if you consume them within the recommended dosage. Practicing safe consumption as per the suggested dosage can support long-term health and wellness.

Q6. Who should not take mushroom supplements?

Individuals who are allergic to mushrooms, pregnant, or breastfeeding should avoid using mushroom supplements. If you’re new to mushroom supplements, you should take proper caution and check with a healthcare practitioner before introducing them into your routine.

Q7. Are mushroom gummies addictive?

No, mushroom gummies are not addictive. However, make sure you use them in recommended doses to avoid any potential side effects. Mushrooms’ health-improving characteristics promote good health without causing addiction or reliance, making them an excellent dietary supplement.

Q8. Are mushroom supplements hard on your liver?

While mushroom supplements are not hard on the liver for most people, there are always exceptions. If you are someone with pre-existing liver conditions, make sure to consult with a doctor before consuming any mushroom supplements.

Q9. Do mushroom gummies help with anxiety?

Yes, some mushroom gummies can help alleviate anxiety. The mushroom variety, Reishi, specifically helps with the human body’s natural stress response. It contains adaptogenic properties, which promote relaxation and reduce anxiety symptoms.

Concluding Thoughts: Which Is The Best Mushroom Gummies Brand?

A vast number of mushrooms are accessible in the market today, with each boasting its unique health advantages. So, if you’re looking to enhance cognitive functioning with Lion’s Mane or hoping to strengthen your stamina with Cordyceps, you can always find a gummy tailored just to fulfill your requirements!

Super Mushroom Gummies by Riti is one such reliable product that is taking over the market because of its high quality! Blending the power of ten different mushrooms in each delicious gummy, Riti’s Super Gummies are packed with potent health benefits like enhanced immunity, improved gut health, and an even better mood to take over daily challenges easily!

By selecting the right mushroom gummies, such as Riti’s, you can also support your overall wellness and enjoy the numerous benefits!

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