Are you wondering if custom button badges can help you to promote your brand? You are not alone because many entrepreneurs spend lots of time wondering if branded advertising merchandise such as button badges can really make a difference and work for their brands.  

Fortunately, in this piece, we explore some of the benefits you could derive from using custom button badges to help you make the right decision. Read on to see if you too, could enjoy those benefits.

Custom button badges are highly versatile 

The beauty of custom button badges is that they have a wide range of applications and you can use them at events such as trade shows, conferences, concerts, sponsored events and others to promote your brand.  These promotional items can be attached or pinned to a variety of wearables like backpacks, promotional bags, clothes, lanyards, identification cards and so on. Therefore, you can use custom button badges to create awareness for your brand in the best way for you. 

They are cost effective 

Businesses always look for ways to cut their costs—including their marketing and advertising costs. You can consider custom button badges as an effective way to create awareness about your brand without breaking the bank.

You can work with leading badge makers like Rocket Badge to produce custom button badges in your company colours with your logo, tagline or marketing message at competitive rates. And to get even better deals, you should consider producing them in bulk. 

In addition, badges last longer than many other promotional tools or advertising routes, allowing your business to continue reaping benefits from them without incurring additional costs. 

You can use them to show appreciation to stakeholders

Custom button badges can be perfect gifts to appreciate various parties who matter to your business. Because they have high perceived value, especially when you personalize them, by putting the recipients’ names on them, the badges come out as a great way to appreciate your prospects, business associates, customers and others. 

Companies can also produce and distribute custom button badges to their staff to thank them for their exemplary performance and other things like long service. This way, the company improves staff motivation and, at the same time, promotes its brands as people get to know about them whenever they see the staff wearing the branded badges. 

They are easy to personalise or customize

People appreciate giveaways that are more personalised than those that are just uniform without having in mind the specific recipient. The good news is that it is easy to give these promo items a personal touch by including the recipient’s name or producing different badges for specific categories of people. This way, they will appeal to those who receive them making them treasure them and wear them more helping to promote your brand.

Custom button badges are eco-friendly

With many customers seeking to relate with companies that care about the environment, you can consider getting custom badges made of recycled or eco-friendly materials to win over such clients. Also, these promo tools are durable reducing the over-exploitation of non-renewable resources like metal.


When thinking about the promotional tools to use to push your brand, you need to consider custom button badges. They have many benefits including being highly versatile, cost-effective and best for appreciating different stakeholders. 

By Chris Bates