Sea Isle City plans many activities to ring in the 100th anniversary of the Beach Patrol this July.

The Sea Isle City Beach Patrol will have the following lifeguard stands operational after Labor Day on the dates noted below…

September 5 to 8: 40th, 45th, and 59th Streets (these stands are located in such a manner that guards may be quickly picked-up and transported to perform a rescue anywhere on the island.

September 9 – 10:  34th, 40th, 59th, 64th, 75th, 81st & 86th Streets

September 16 – 17:  40th, 59th, 64th, 75th & 86th Streets

September 23 – 24:  40th, 59th, 64th & 86th Streets

PLEASE NOTE: There may be an unexpected need to close a stand (ex: if lifeguards call out sick). To confirm which beaches will have lifeguards on duty, beachgoers can phone the SICBP at 263-3655.