(Courtesy Sea Isle City Public Information Officer Katherine Custer)

All Sea Isle City property owners who have not winterized their unoccupied residences against the threat of bursting water pipes are asked to please address this issue directly or have a qualified plumber perform this function.

Sea Isle City’s Department of Public Works is concerned that once this Artic cold subsides and temperatures rise above freezing this upcoming week, multiple unoccupied properties will experience ruptured water pipes. This, in-turn, may severely damage your property and allow thousands of gallons of water to flow into the street, lowering the City’s water table substantially. We ask that you take every precaution possible to prevent this costly but avoidable problem from occurring.

Also, as the City continues to plow the streets during Winter Storm Grayson, we ask you to continue to park your vehicles in a driveway, if possible, to allow the plows to clear the roads from curb to curb.

As always, in the event of any emergency please dial 911.

Thank you for your continued cooperation in these matters.