In recent days, there have been false reports of coyote appearing on Sea Isle City’s beaches.  Local Animal Control authorities have positively identified these animals to be foxes – not coyote.

The fox is part of the local eco-system and a natural inhabitant of New Jersey’s barrier islands. The fox is a member of the canine family and poses much less of a threat to humans than coyote (similar to an average dog); therefore there is no cause for alarm from the public.

Animal Control believes that the foxes spotted on Sea Isle’s beaches and dunes are a mother and her pup. Because the foxes are believed to have mange (a skin disease found among canines), traps have been set to capture the mother and her pup in an effort to transfer them to an animal rehabilitation facility, where the mange will be treated. Until the foxes are successfully captured, Animal Control will continue to check their traps regularly and track the foxes.

In the meantime, the public is reminded to stay off the dunes and stay away from any traps they may see. Additionally, the public is reminded to NOT feed the foxes or any other wildlife. Feeding the foxes will make it more difficult for Animal Control to capture them and give them assistance.

Any local sightings of foxes can be reported to Sea Isle City Police Department’s Dispatch Office at (609) 263-4311.